Our Services

Vision and Concept Development

We work closely with clients to develop, identify and test the core vision, key values and aspirations of any new project. The vision and its key values provide the basis of all subsequent feasibility, strategy and design development and investment planning.

Feasibility and Demand

Our feasibility studies provide and analyse the business case for new projects and advise on demand in existing and new markets. Our focus is always to test the concept against deliverability and sustainability as well as to identify commercial opportunities.

Risk Management, Demand Creation and Early Occupancy

Many science parks and related developments include an aspect of speculative development. A key aspect of our work is to develop risk management strategies through a holistic approach to design, development and operations that maximizes the process of demand creation and generates early occupancy by end-users.

Business Planning and Investment Strategies

Business planning and investment strategies are key to the successful development of science parks and related innovation-sector developments. We have wide experience of all aspects of business and investment planning for science parks and related projects ranging from large scale development through to individual specialist facilities such as innovation centres, bioinnovation centres and bioincubators and other amenities including childcare nurseries and conferencing and leisure facilities.

We undertake all aspects of strategy development and business planning for new developments for the innovation sector.

Masterplanning and Planning, Design Specification Development

Successful science park buildings are those that attract target markets and can be operated on a commercially sustainable basis. This means creating specialist facilities that are flexible in terms of potential end-users and where operations are integral to optimal design. A key aspect of our work is to act for clients in the development of detailed design and specifications to ensure that investment is protected through the delivery of fit for purpose facilities and optimized operations.

Operational planning

A number of science parks in the UK struggle to achieve commercial sustainability. We have wide experience of delivering commercially-sustainable developments ranging from large scale commercial campuses to individual facilities including innovation centres, bioinnovation centres, bioincubators and other service-orientated amenities such as child-care nurseries and conferencing/leisure facilities.

Bioinnovation Centres and Bioincubators

CAM-SCI is the UK’s leading consultancy and practitioner in the design and operation of bioinnovation centres and bioincubators. We have delivered the UK’s newest commercially leased laboratory facilities across the UK for a range of clients and science parks.

Importantly, our track-record of successful delivery of bioinnovation centres and bioincubators is informed by our wide operational experience of these specialist facilities. This means that our design approach uniquely integrates future commercial operations that benefit both the end user and the developer/owner by maximizing operational efficiency.

Additionally, CAM-SCI has advised a number of projects on specialist fitting out of facilities to create fit for purpose and flexible laboratories.

Marketing, Brand Building and Place Making

Marketing and brand building are processes that develop trust and profile with potential clients and are therefore key aspects of demand-creation and positioning new developments as a destination of choice to target markets. Place-making takes the process one stage further by creating a hospitality culture that welcomes companies through the timely delivery of specialist services and added value activities to create a thriving community of interest. SMEs working in the knowledge-sector are closely networked and word of mouth is a strong driver of demand in this sector.

Science Park Funding and Joint Ventures

CAM-SCI offers access to and advice on a range of public and private sector funding. We provide bespoke funding solutions to suit the needs of the project and investment partners.

Laboratory Development

We have unrivalled expertise in the design, development and operations of commercial laboratories.